Sid Morrison - by Bob Auld

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Sid Morrison - by Bob Auld

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It could have been a bit of a poser
Tae fight a war withoot a wee grocer
So Sid he gave the old war cry
Stuck oot his chest, and waved goodbye
And ere he'd time tae rue his boast
He was sailing along the African coast

Those Libyan days he remembers well
When every step seemed nearer tae hell
While the moon hung in the desert sky
Like a cruel oppressor's all seeing eye
With German panzers in every wadi
But it never upset oor hielan laddie

Wi the war won, his guardian guide
Soon had him sailing up the Clyde
Then tae Ardrossan like a lamb
There he met his fate in bonnie Miss Cramb
After the desert he was roarin for fun
But soon poor souls those two were one

A job, a bit gairden, and bonnie Jean
Days swiftly flew, tho some were lean
Whiles wae the family Sid in the middle
He happily sat playing the auld fiddle
Always a charmer, ask the birds in the trees
Wae a hertful 0' love, it's easy tae please

But time's aye a mixture of good and bad
And pairtin frae a frien's always sad
Still I'm very prood tae ca' ye brother
But I'm not alone there's many another
So tonight when I drink your toast
Among the many, I'll remember this most

You've a flashing eye, a wee wry smile
A chuckling laugh, that will aye beguile
Ye brocht frae the north, land 0' yer birth
The heart of a rover, o'erflowing wi' mirth
Sincere in yer thochts, the pride 0' the clan
Trusted and revered, a true hielan' man

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