George Lockhart - by Bob Auld

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George Lockhart - by Bob Auld

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George Lockhart, a much esteemed name
That we wi pleasure here acclaim.
Tho never mentioned wae deeds 0 fame
Yer a man 0 class
Deeply entwined wae thochts 0 hame
And a Stintson lass

Ye graced the land ye freed the seas
Ye loved tae laugh as well as tease
Ye wid raither face than ever appease
I've heard them tell
Even tho it was jist a gentle breeze
Or the fires of hell

I ken it'll be awfa hard tae bear
But yer loss we aw maun share
A guid yin'll have tae fill yer chair
And wear yer croon.
Or mauny a blast'll fill the air
Ere we settle doon

Ye have that gifty that can please
And put a chappie at his ease
I never met wan but what agrees
And there's plenty more
Not in wans or twos or threes
But by the score

We wish ye health, the staff and I
And there's hunners mair forbye
That hope ye keep as scheoch and spry
As ye are today
But gie thanks where due ere ey reply
For aw maun pray

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