Oor Christmas Dinner - by Bob Auld

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Oor Christmas Dinner - by Bob Auld

Post by Hughie »

God bless ye Alec, ma hert is fu',
We're aw indebted maistly tae you,
Your bosom's where the great plan grew
and no any ither,
Heaven is where you'll get yer due
Ma worthy brither

But every architect who makes a plan,
Must hae foundations and a helping hand,
And you had a loyal and worthy band
Tae back ye up,
You could travel far throughout this land
For this blessing's cup

So here was all at your finger tip,
Nectar for us auld yins, just tae sip,
I heard mony a hearty laugh and quip
As we settled doon,
God keep this pilot aboard oor ship
For mony a moon

There was solemnity throughout the place,
As John Allen reverently said the grace,
Humility and pride shone from every face
Clear as every word,
A great future when he hauds the mace
I heard murmured.

We had a drink for auld lang syne
Then aw sat doon tae sup and dine,
Steak pie or chicken "Just ma line"
A classic bite,
Mony a tear stained eye did shine
That happy night.

Then Wullie Taylor 0' dambuster fame,
Thrilled as aw wi tunes of hame,
The rafters are never quite the same
after Wullie plays,
Even the birds are silenced intae shame
For days and days.

Wee Sanny Hamilton soon set the pace,
Wi his guid wife and her beaming face,
Gliding and floating aw ower the place
Wi gentle care,
Burling and dancing wi infinite grace
Made everybody stare

Jack McCammant I was glad to see,
Had a merry twinkle in his ee,
But strictly, between you and me,
Tam McMullin's lass,
Was as prood as prood could be
Or I'm an ass

Anither wee gentleman I sat beside,
Ye ken him weel 'twas Cody Boyd,
A Stinstone chell known far and wide
a real auld stager
Always a leader and ready tae guide
Oor wee sergeant major

Ma hert and very soul was quaken,
I sat wi' Aunty Maggie and Granny Aitken,
I hope they never felt forsaken
I was in a plight,
But then history was in the makin
That very night

Ma auld frien Spud "frae Stinstone too,"
Sang like an angel "Two eyes of blue",
But he always gets what he is due
In thunderous applause,
One of the best, one of the few,
Who never craws

Big Bobbie sang as he did of yore,
Soon had the pennies dancing on the floor.
Always worthy of his every encore
His herts aw right,
Scotland's tartans and Saltcoats shore
are his shining light

Anither Bobby had us aw beguiled,
Wae that lovely song "Naebody's Child",
But he kept awfu sober, and never smiled
A thoughtful lad,
He looked ill content, yet so mild
Tho a little sad

Perhaps he knew, that for many years,
Age and want are oft washed with tears,
But from today we'll have less fears
Of future downs.
While brotherly love and brotherly cheers
Have outstretched hauns

Tash and his camera again were late,
Could he be tired, or is merely fate?
It's awfa easy tae forget a date
When you're the Master,
For the snaps too, we'll have tae wait
He's a slow developer.

I saw Alec Norwood nip a biscuit,
Roon every table wi his ataskit atiskit.
Who'd a thocht he'd ever risk it
The brazen beast,
He'd have been better wae a claud 0 brisket
Tae sae the least

Jimmy Howie's long past his best,
Twa dances then he had tae rest,
Yet his sister had plenty of zest
up on the flair,
Jimmy again you've failed the test
Get a rockin chair

In oor regular corner sat a queen,
The stateliest wan you've ever seen,
Just as smart and trig as any preen
Wi Elsie her Page
Not many missed this splendid scene
Caressed by age

But pride 0 place tae Isaac Martindale,
Sixty twa years yet hearty and hale,
list anither 0 the wans that never fail
Tae mak us prood,
Stracht and manly tae the last detail
And shout it lood

To all those who gave a haun,
Taxis, waiters, singers and the bawn,
Jist before ye aw begin tae yawn
And break ranks,
And to the back room boys who never shone
Our heartfelt thanks

But let us hae a thocht tae spare,
For the wan or twa who warna there,
Let's remember tae keep a vacant chair
At every gatherin,
And never forget that wee bit prayer
For absent brethern

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John Donnelly
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Re: Oor Christmas Dinner - by Bob Auld

Post by John Donnelly »

'Then Wullie Taylor 0' dambuster fame.'

Have we got a Dambuster connection in the 3 towns?

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Re: Oor Christmas Dinner - by Bob Auld

Post by meekan »

Wullie Taylor Played the "mouthie" with some gusto and his signature tune was the 'dambuster's march'
He was invited year after year to play the mouth-organ in hostelries in Isle-of-man during the glasgow fair holidays
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John Donnelly
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Re: Oor Christmas Dinner - by Bob Auld

Post by John Donnelly »

Thanks Meekan,

had kind of hoped for a more substantial connection.

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