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Coronavirus pandemic

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Re: Coronavirus pandemic

Post by Meg »

I’m in West Virginia this week - (we’ve had a family bereavement) and pleasantly surprised to see some people still wearing masks. I think I’m a bit steering because I’ve just recovered from covid so going into busy places isn’t worrying. They are getting a new wave of the Covid 4 variant here - which is causing concern - I think that’s probably what George and I had 6 weeks ago as it’s been in Scotland for a couple of months now. It was strange for a while being on a plane - apart from Bonzo going to Belfast, has anyone else travelled?
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brian f
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Re: Coronavirus pandemic

Post by brian f »

Sorry for your loss Meg

The last time i was in Stansted was 2019 (i think) Cant see me on a plane for a good while as my wife is a regular visitor to the World famous Papworth hospital.Had a wee break up the Norfolk coast recently and hoping to visit the Yorkshire coast next month if she is well enough it's all booked for a week😁

You dont hear much about covid now in England .. but try booking an appointment with the G.P as i tried today for my wife following her discharge from the hospital.The same old story you have to pour your heart out to the girl who answers the phone to be told phone on Friday at 8.00am first come first served thats if you get through for a telephone appointment. Maybe you are correct BJ is selling the NHS.

If they are still brewing up Moonshine in V get us a jar for tomorrow night win or lose it will come in handy. As you probably know half of Scotland have flown in to Spain.😉
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Re: Coronavirus pandemic

Post by glenshena »

My grandaughter returned from Scotland on 30/4. And three days later she tested positive for covid. Doesn't know if she got It in Scotland or on the plane.
4 months after I caught It also in Scotland. Is It ever going to go away? My SIL's mother in Pisa was diagnosed with It also today.
Seems to be unavoidable.
Bye the way its such a pain now when travelling to Scotland we have to go to Edinburgh. Why not Glasgow or Prestwick like before?
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