An unholy hole - by Bob Auld

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An unholy hole - by Bob Auld

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There's a wee hole, in the loan
That's caused many a dreich moan
Even the toon cooncil aw disown
This wee crevasse
Sanny'll need tae start and groan
Tae higher brass

Saut tears sailed doon the pun
Woes and sorrows by the ton
Filtered through this vacant grun
Intae this hole
Twas a careless job tae lee undone
And hard tae thole

But Sanny's willing tae dae a deal
He kens Sammy Goodie's fu 0 zeal
And misses Lewis whose sex appeal,
Micht save the day
Or the Reverend Heron, worthy chiel
May consent tae pray

Yet should we ever rule out fate,
Ye ken Jaikey's hard tae bate
Taury chips and an auld slate,
The wee hole's gone
Twenty first September the date,
Turn oot the bawn

Some folk are really hard tae budge
Ithers jist need a wee bit nudge
But whose competent tae judge
Guid fae evil
We who bore Jaikey the scudge
Or Sanny's sneevil

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