Pattern of a day - By Bob Auld

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Pattern of a day - By Bob Auld

Post by Hughie » Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:19 pm

When the blue tinted cloudlets
Just hang in the sky
And the winds from the West
Are merely a sigh
When the Arran hills show faintly,
Thro the sea mist,
Then the day has the sweetness
Of a lover's first kiss.

When the air's filled with birdsong
And wild flowery scent
When the peace of each moment
Brings a sense of content
When the hues from the twilight
Reflect from the sea
Then the winds, filled with music
Whisper softly to me

When the world's full of sorrow
And fears of the night
Then the dawn with its softness
Puts all things right
And the birds, bright 'and tuneful
Halo'ed in dew
Gives your heart the great courage
To face life' anew'

One of my favourite Bob Auld stories from his first wee book - The tar biler affair it all happened in Stevenston.

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