Lithuanians in Stevenston

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Lithuanians in Stevenston

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John Miller the compiler of the Landsborough Census is originally from Stevenston. For those of you who are interested John also wrote a book. His parents were Lithuanian refugees, The book which should be in local libraries (published two years ago) is about the Lithuanian refugees lost history, culture, customs, how it affected John personally ie name calling at school in Stevenston, how the families changed their name to `fit in`. How their customs are now lost.

A few Lithuanians must have come to the area - we have a family connection on my wife's side to Lithuanians who came to Stevenston and changed their name.


"The Lithuanians in Scotland: a personal view" by John Millar. 1998. Published by House of Lochar, Isle of Colonsay, Argyll, PA61 7YR. paperback with 166 pages.
John Millar is a Scot born of parents who left Lithuania before the Great War to escape persecution and find employment in industrial central Scotland. Through a selection of reminiscences from members of the Lithuanian community in Scotland and his own detailed research he traces their struggle for survival in an alien world."

Hugh McCallum