Winton Rovers (Aug 1999)

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Winton Rovers (Aug 1999)

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Mary Pllu wrote in part:
>my dad played for the Winton Rovers I think about the late 1940's.

When we were last in Ardrossan in 1992 we had a night out at the Winton Rover's clubrooms in honour of a family friend from Stevenston who had completed I think ten years playing for the rovers. They had their centenary in 1990 and had some old photographs blown up and on the walls in the clubhouse. Those photographs would have been around the time your father played.

One I recall was taken from the Castle Hill (locals call it Cannon Hill) looking down on the playing field. The genealogist amongst you might be interested to know that the photographer would have been standing a mere 20 metres or so from the original Ardrossan Parish Church which has said to have been blown down by a hurricane in 1695. We used to play in the church's foundations and the castle as children. I was even shut in "Wallace's larder" during the lunch break from Winton Primary School.

Another photograph that threw me back to my childhood was the playing field with a match in progress and all the railway workers in the railway yards beyond sitting atop of steam engines watching the game. A regular occurrence when the Rovers played at home. I used to wonder how they managed to watch the game without a pie and Bovril.

Hugh McCallum
in Melbourne