Ardrossan Academy Primary Circa 1955

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Ardrossan Academy Primary Circa 1955

Post by Hughie » Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:01 pm

Ardrossan Academy Primary Circa 1955 - Source - Chris Shields.
If you can add the missing names it would be appreciated.

Back Row. Colin Wilson, Chris Shields, William Parker, Douglas Bruce, George Sutherland, Brian Jones, Martin Byres. Middle Row. John Woodley, Norris Ralston, Linda Perry, Lorna Campbell,Sandra Beagly? Carol Chocot? Shona Mcmillan, Matt Norris, Frank Behan? Front Row. Georgina White, .........? , ........? Janice McCulloch, Sylvia Gill, Dorothy Millar, ..........? Ruth Williamson, .........? Ailsa McCrorie?

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