John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

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Re: John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

by drossmacm » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:23 pm

Yes, Martha Woods' Mother was Janet Barclay and her Father was Robert Wood. I have the OPR Marriage for John and Martha but it is pretty sketchy as many of these older records are. Also, I am having considerable difficulty in tying John McMillan to his father who, I suspect is Daniel McMillan. The circumstantial evidence for the relationship is strong but I can't document it. Daniel McMillan and Mary McKelvie were married in the Parish of Ardrossan in 1818 and had six children whose births were registered. Mary McKelvie also had a daughter (Illigitamate) named Janet McKelvie. I cannot find a birth record for John and the only Census Record i have for him gives his birth as 1815 (which probably means 1814), and this is inconsistent with Daniel and Mary's 1818 marriage. However, in the 1851 Census and in subsequent Census John and Martha's son, Daniel, is living with Janet McKelvie, who is identified as his 67 year old Aunt. Upon Janet McKelvie's death the Informant was her Niece, Janet McKelvie Martin, Mary McKelvie's illegitimate daughter. All of this seems to fairly point to a father/son relationship between Daniel and John. Also, if I look at the Scottish naming tradition, which my Daniel seems to have fairly closely followed, the name of the first born son would be the name of the Father's Father. This is indeed the case here as Daniel's father was John McMillan.

The deaths of Martha Wood and John McMillan are a mystery. Son Daniels OPR birth registration lists Martha as the Mother and John as the Father, previously dead. Since the Registration date was 1853 I'm not sure if both parents were alive at that time.

I do want to thank you, and all of those who took the time to respond to my initial request, and any further thoughts on this will also be appreciated!

Re: John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

by hahaya2004 » Fri Sep 11, 2020 4:59 pm

Another possible bit of information from the Landsborough list 1819, a pre-census name list of Stevenston parishoners, on the Threetowners Home Page.
If it's the Martha Wood you're looking for, her mother Janet Barclay was already widowed in 1819, Martha probably had a brother called Robert and the family lived in the Saltcoats part of Stevenston parish (Canal Street).

Re: John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

by hahaya2004 » Fri Sep 11, 2020 11:07 am

This might be the 'correct' Martha:
Born 25 June 1818 in Stevenston.
Father Robert Wood, mother Janet Barclay.

Re: John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

by Jim McCreadie » Fri Sep 11, 2020 12:58 am

Again extracted from Scotland’s People with my Comments:
There are two John McMILLANs listed on Church of Scotland Old Parish Registers (OPR) who appear to fit the criteria provided:
John McMillan, Age 21, Death 26/10/1847, Parish Number 821, Parish Dumfries.
Comment: This individual would have been born circa 1826. There were no Johns born to a father Daniel in Dumfries during period 1821-1831).

John McMillan, Age 29, Death 13/12/1851, Parish Number 644/1, Parish Glasgow.
Comment: If your suspicion of John’s father being named Daniel is correct, this may be your man although age at death is slightly out. John McMillan, born 4/11/1823, St Quivox to Daniel McMillan and Helen Morton who married 11/02/1823 at Tarbolton.

Comment: John and Martha’s OPR Marriage Extracts (previously advised), should record their respective ages. Knowing their age at marriage can reduce the number of candidates at death, particularly for Martha.

Re: John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

by Jim McCreadie » Thu Sep 10, 2020 11:47 pm

These from Scotland’s People:

Surname Forename Spouse Name Date Parish Number Ref Parish
MCMILLAN John Martha WOOD (FR473) 23/11/1839 576/208 208 Ardrossan
MCMILLAN John MARTHA WOOD/FR658 (FR658) 23/11/1839 615/30 202 Stevenston

Re: John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

by hahaya2004 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:59 pm

Pre 1855 deaths are pretty hard to find.
The National Records of Scotland have some information that might help: ... -registers

The Rev. Landsborough was parish minister of Stevenston parish until 1843 when he joined the Free Church. A lot of his congregation went with him. If the McMillans were members of one or both of these churches you might find information in the kirk session records.
Raise Street was in the parish of Ardrossan, so they might have been buried in the churchyard of the Adrossan parish church, the present Heritage Centre, Saltcoats.

If you ask there, they can tell you who now holds the old lair books for the churchyard, and for the Stevenston cemeteries, and how to get in touch with them.

John McMillan/Martha McMillan MS Wood

by drossmacm » Wed Sep 09, 2020 7:35 pm

I am looking for any information regarding the deaths of John McMillan and his wife Martha, MS Wood. They both died sometime between 1841 and 1851
in Saltcoats after the birth of their son, Daniel McMillan. Daniel's birth is given as 16 Jan 1841, however the Rgeistration Date is given as 31 Dec 1855.
He was Baptized by Rev. Landsborough. Daniel was orphaned and appears in the 1851 Census living with his Aunt, Janet McKelvie, on Raise Street in Saltcoats. John and his Wife lived on Raise Street and was a hand loom weaver. I suspect that his Father was Daniel McMillan, who also lived on Raise Street, but have only strong circumstantial evidence for this fact. I will appreciate any help i can get with this.